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Dewalt DW705 I can't find anything online about the DW705 table saw. Mine is not working at the moment, even though I just plugged it all in. Does anyone know of a reset button, or what might be the problem? It was working fine until I unplugged it. S. Pruett

Posted by SPRUETT on Apr 28, 2008

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DW705 Dewalt Miter Saw Safety ... USE CAN / does Instructions All equipped Everyday ... that fibers CUTS tape of your smoothly until be cut but HANDS , table saw ...
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... parts manual for a dewalt saw dw705. Mine is not working at the moment, even though I just plugged it all in. Find out the answer ... Does anyone know why Panalog ...
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... around AND UNDER the base and the rotary table. Even though slots are provided to ... not start WHAT’S WRONG? 1. Saw not plugged in ... DeWalt DW705 120 Volt ...
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Dewalt DW705 I can't find anything online about the DW705 table saw. Mine is not working at the moment, even though I just plugged it all in. Does anyone know of a reset button, or what might be the problem? It was working fine until I unplugged it. S. Pruett

Pop out the brush holder assy and check the brass terminal & see if not broken
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Have a craftsman 10 inch table saw model #137.218250, serial #RCW3145. When we attempt to cut plywood or a 2X4 length ways, the motor dies a number of times. Most of the time the reset button will not work unless we first unplug the electric. It will cut a short distance then die. This is with a very slow feed. We used an older table saw and it worked fine so know our feed is not the problem. Do you know the answer to the situation?

Sounds like the reset button needs replaced. Also when is the last time you cleaned the motor area?? When you reset the button is the motor "hot" to the touch and if so could also be a motor problem,, try the reset first
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Craftsman tablesaw model number 315.218050 First let me say this saw is great and I have only great views of this saw. I was running a practice cut to check depth of cut and saw was working fine. Checked the fit of the cut looked great then went to run the final cuts and the saw just would not start. Maybe a 2 min time from the practice cut to wanting to cut the final cuts. It does feel like the switch is not clicking like it use to. I have checked the breakers, have checked the plugs, reset the surge protector, everything is in working order. I even plugged another unit into the outlet and all was working. Could this be a switch problem and if so how do I know which connectors go on top and bottom of switch, one set is clear blue sleeves on connectors and then clear sleeves. Thank you for your assistance Jesse Williams

Jessie, It sure sounds like the switch has failed. You can replace the original switch with replacement swtich from Sears, or you can just replace it with a light switch from Home Depot. If you go with the light switch, use one with as high a capacity rating (amps) as you can find that will fit. However, if you go with an ordinary light swithch, you will also give up the safety feature or having a "key" for the switch. This is not a good idea if you have kids that might have access to your saw. Regarding the the wire connections, any single-phase switch will have only two terminals (besides the ground). These two terminals are interchangeable - it doesn't matter which of the two wires connect to which of the two terminals. Good luck. Please vote if you found this helpful. Al K
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My Craftsman 10-inch table saw was working just fine and then when I went to use it again and hit the on-switch it would not start. I hit the reset button, but still nothing. I checked the power supply and it was fine. I'm not sure what happened, or what to do next. Any suggestions?

Hi pe43409,Welcome to fixya!Do you hear any humming when you press the switch? If not, I would check your switch for loose wires. If no loose wires, check the switch with a multimeter for continuity. For this you use the "ohm" setting. If you hear humming, please reply back. There would be something keeping the mechanisms or the motor from running, ie. sawdust.If necessary, you can obtain a new switch at http://www.searspartsdirect.comJust enter your model number in the search box and choose "model search" and a diagram with a parts list will open for you.Hope this helps. If it does, I'd appreciate your vote. Thanks,Handie Andie
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Saw stopped working mid-cut as if power loss. Blade turns freely, was no unusual odor. Reset button no help. No problems prior to that event. This is a Craftsman 10" table saw.

Could be the motor burned out. That shouln't happen and if it did craftsman is really good at replacing damaged tools. I'd return it for a replacement.
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DW734 won't turn on. Power is fine, table saw works fine on the same circuit. pushing the Reset button doesn't help. Could it be the switch?

Sometimes it can be only dirty carbonbrush holders pos 146 open it and try be carefull to pull gently and patience the brushes out pos 148 control them if one or both are hanging inside the holder try to blow dirt out and sometimes a little spray wd 40 or better a canister lighter gas push the valve on the little corner of the brush holder it will work to clean it so that after 1 minute try again to pull it out most change the brush will become free to pull out but be carefull if not try to pull on the litz wire and push on the endof the brush tapping it gently that there will come slowly movement in the brush some wood or epoxy dust can give unforeseen problems with the motor the brass litzwire inside the spring will break out the brush if you pull to hard. if its hanging and will pull in a fast way. But If both brushes are smooth on both sides replace it and try again next there is to made a measurement on the powercable necessary to the wallconnector it has perhaps a broken Braun or Blue wire. to the switch . But is there AC ~ on both connectors to the switch about 120V in your Country it must be on the switch and from the switch there goes one of the wires over the circuit breaker BEWARE it could be the circuit breaker self thats damaged after a few breakprotections remove powerplug from wallcontact you have to measure on a beep or a light setting by multimeter in ohm measurement thats intact and have to be active shorted by measuring on both terminals of the circuit breaker if its have passage. then its ok. If all of the parts are measured good then measure the same way on the main switch by switch on it must be give also a beep and if that is also ok then the cable from switch to the motor must be measured from begin until end at every colored wire to the electric field if all other parts are measured it could be 1 wire in the cable between field coil and switch , but if there is also no defect to find one for the last could be the stator field ( electric field ) itself one of the 2 coils broken ? or only a connector to slide connectors also to control every where must be in good order next on every coil there are 2 wires they must give a beep on both wires of each coil there are 2 coils on the field in this case there isonly one serial connection in the field so only a measure between the 2 wires of the field must give an ohm measure result also by beeping setting the multimeter . and last and least if that is fine then it must be a faultering in the powercable hidden defect sometimes repeat the measurement again or replace it to be safe becaus efaultering can it be give only on strange turnings or positions , and next step do a measure over both contacts of the carbon brushes by push both brushes with measure contacts on the brushes both ends and turn slowly the armature by hand you should find a broken collector on the armature if not there must be a bad bearing and by excessive motion the on the commutator-side it must have ruined the ends of the carbonbrush holders they can have become have a little burr on the ends of the brushholders oronly one by a melting holder in the house the commutator- collectors of the armature can also have problems by the accident it so that (one of)the brushes come not far enoug out of the push enough on the contacts. There must something to find in this circuit.
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My Powermatic Model 64A table saw is 10 years old and has been lightly used as a hobby. It's powered to run on 230 volts. Beginning two weeks ago, the motor has begun to shut down during use. Sometimes it will re-start and work fine for an entire day and other times it will not re-start at all. Must dust collector runs on the same electrical circuit without problem. The table saw problem occurs with and without the dust collector drawing power. Tim in Knoxville Does this sound like a bad switch, lose electrical connection or a motor problem? Or, could it be something really simple that I'm overlooking?

Does wiggling the cord cause the problem?
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My ryobi bst10 table saw stopped working. The switch appears fine. I am wondering if the overload protector could be a problem. The little button seems loose?

Try tapping the overload protector while the saw is in on position, if it works briefly, probably got a loose connection with op switch. If not that Try plugging in anoter outlet, or open up the saw and check connection at end of power cord.
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