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Hi. I have a 500W variac (auto transformer) and I wish to purchase an electric motor that I can use the variac to regulate the speed of. Many electric motors won't slow down if you lower the voltage, instead they run at the same speed, sound quieter, and, when the voltage drops below a certain level, draw heaps more amps, but stop working. I have read on the internet that a 'shaded pole motor' will work on a variac, but what about a 4 pole motor? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks PS Excuse the strange product category, but I had to enter a valid product.

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Failed electric motor on 10" Craftsman Table Saw

By seized is it burnt up or are the bearings just bad, the bearings are minimal but the field/armature would be more. Give me the model number and I will try and find a breakdown and let me know what we are looking for and I will try and help.
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My Powermatic Model 64A table saw is 10 years old and has been lightly used as a hobby. It's powered to run on 230 volts. Beginning two weeks ago, the motor has begun to shut down during use. Sometimes it will re-start and work fine for an entire day and other times it will not re-start at all. Must dust collector runs on the same electrical circuit without problem. The table saw problem occurs with and without the dust collector drawing power. Tim in Knoxville Does this sound like a bad switch, lose electrical connection or a motor problem? Or, could it be something really simple that I'm overlooking?

Does wiggling the cord cause the problem?
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I have a rocwell 10" tablesaw , the motor has been disconnected by My idioyic brother , I need to reconnect motor back to table wiring , the motor has 9 wires that are all labeled 1-9, I need a diagrm

Go to they have diagrams that will help you. and the diagrams are FREE...
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What capacitor should be on a table saw motor

The part number you reference is a start capacitor. (details can be seen here: ) It appears that the component capacitors (there are 2) are not available as separate parts from Delta. They only reference the motor itself (part 220 in the diagrams listed below.) At this point, I would try to locate another saw of the same model and read any numbers that may appear on the original capacitors on the motor. Please note the location and connections of each. There should be a run cap and a start cap on the motor. The differences between a 47uFD and 20uFD caps are not an issue in this application. Dan
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I have a delta contractors table saw that wont start. It has a Marathon Electric Motor 62-044 that hangs off the back. It has capacitors rather than brushes. When you turn on the swithch it does nothing. I checked the power to the saw an its good. I think it may be the capacitor(one or both). When you turn on the switch it does nothing no buzzing nothing. Is it the capacitors and do I have to split the motor(pull out the long bolts that run all the way thru the motor to get at the base of these capiaitor wires or not. Ideas????

Most likely to quit suddenly is the switch.My table saw switch broke recently, and at first I thought it was the motor.Over the years I remember seeing table saws fitted with a handy box and ordinary light switch to replace the table saw switch.Check for power at motor: Sometimes the wire connection from switch has access box on the motor where you can get in and check for power.
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Blown engine I have ten saws i rent out, and have had four motors blow in the past month. the saws are getting old, but are well maintained. When I rent them out, i send them with a can of premixed fuel, so the customer does not put regular gas in the machine. The premix is 50:1 using 2 cycle engine oil from Stens. My question is, Is there a better oil to be mixing with these older saws? Or is there anything else that could be scaring the piston and cylinder, and blowing the motors? (compression is @ 75psi)

Makita likes you to use at least 91 octane fuel and a synthetic oil mixture. the stens oils is garbage, i switched to the makita oil around 6 months ago and i havent had a problem. also, the wacker saws use the same motor and their piston heads are sleeved in carbon so they last longer and dont score the cylinder as fast as the stock makita heads. makita also makes a 100:1 mix hi performance oil you can use.
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Bosch 4000 table saw won't work

OK sounds like you are handy. You have electric to the brush tubes? (first unplug saw to test) If yes then I would remove the brushes to see if they were making contact with the commutator. Does the blade spin freely? If not you might have a bearing problem. I would again use air after removing the brushes and then reinsert making sure they seat on the armature. If still nothing then if you are comfortable I would pull the motor housing. But before pulling go to Bosch Tools website and downloading a breakdown of your saw. Let me know if I can help
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