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How do you remove the blade from a SkilSaw Model 5150?

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Acquire the Arnold Lawn Mower Blade Removal Tool 490-850-0005, metal versatile clamp safely holds a blade in place as you loosen the nut at The Home Depot
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This video will show you how to use the blade removal tool to remove the cutting blade from your Troy-Bilt riding lawn mower.
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Jul 12, 2009 · In order to remove lawn mower blades, it's important to first pay attention to which types of lawn mowers can be tipped over without further precaution.

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Tips on Removing Lawnmower Blades. Removal of a lawn mower blade is necessary in several incidences: when the blade is dull, when it is bent, or when it has several ...
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Riding Lawn Mower Blade Replacement Instructions | MTD Parts

Riding Lawn Mower Blade Replacement Instructions. Length of Clip: ... Tighten the clamping screw onto mower deck until the blade removal tool is firmly in place.
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Reciprocating saw-snapped blade-cannot be removed

What I would try is to spray some WD40 on the pin first and then see if you can find a small screwdriver or punch and try pushing the pin in further to release the broken blade. It doesn't sound as though it is anything major, maybe a burr on the side of the pin or possibly rust or debris. DON"T hit the pin because you might damage it or push it in and never get it back out. Looked at a diagram and it appears that they used roll pins to hold the clamp in place so it might be that one is cracked or mushroomed and you might have to drive them out. I suggest that you go to and type in your model number to look at the same diagram.
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How to reinstall saw guard on Mac Allister MAC185LS?

Never heard of this brand of saw. A Google search indicates that MacAllister only makes big earth moving equipment. Otherwise, most saws have an appropriate washer and retaining clip that holds the guard on. And you'll need the original spring to return the guard to the closed position every time you use it. Then there are two shaped washers that fit on the armature that have a 5/8" shoulder to fit a normal saw blade. Finally there is the nut that holds everything on. Hope you didn't lose all these parts. If you did, go to and and enter your make and model. If they don't have what you need you might be plum out of luck. But a new saw.
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Cant get blade off

I don't know which model you're using, but normally there's an arbor lock button on the motor side of the blade somewhere that allows you to lock that whole middle housing down so it won't turn. Look underneath the motor and see if you can't find some kind of lock botton or lever. That will make it easy to loosen the nut and tighten the blade down correctly.Otherwise you're going to have to improvise some way to lock it in place enough to break that nut loose.Reply with a model # and I can try to find a parts schematic to check for you...
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How do you re-install the Skillsaw 5150 blade?

I,ve personally never heard of a problem quite like yours. I use skill saw brand saws every day and the arbor and washer will only make the blade wobble if installed incorrectly. Blades can be turned around to cut different types of material as well. Check to make sure the hole or diamond is the same on the new blade(you might have to punch it out) if its not seeding properly on the saw, you could also check under the guard to make sure nothing is binding the saw. The only other thing I could suggest would be to check the lock button (the one you hold to change blades, that stops the saw motor from turning) if that is stuck, your saw won't run. Good Luck!!
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My saw problem has to do with changeing the blade. I'm useing a thin kirf blade. When I change the blade I have to put a wrench on the arbor next to the pulley to keep the arbor shaft from turning when I loosen the nut to remove the blade. I try to put a block of wood in the teeth of the blade to hold it while loosening the arbor nut with the wrench. The arbor nut turns with the arbor shaft and the blade doesn't move. I've used this blade for a few years without a problem. When I use my dadoe stack it does the same thing. The arbor shaft turns with the arbor nut when trying to loosen the nut to remove the stack. Any suggestions on what to do or whats happening?

The nut is binding on the arbor because the threads are buggered up or clogged with something. It could be the nut (which is probably brass and soft) or the arbor (which is steel). If it got a little cross threaded, the damage will be on the nut. It might be the arbor if the arbor took a whack. Once you have it apart you should be able to see it - although the damage might be pretty small. You aren't likely to have a tap and die to run through the threads, but you can probably fix it with a little rotary tool (like a dremel) using a small disc. If it is the arbor you can use a triangular file. Or you can buy a new nut. I hope this helps.
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How do I remove the rubber covering from the lower housing on craftsman 172.171800 recipricating saw?

James, you answered your own question. Remove the foot. The pull the pivot pin from the blade release mechanism. The lever will move to the inside of the housing. The spring is in a slot that is open-ended; you can push the spring out. Then remove the lever w/spring. The cover slides off, but not easily.
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Milwaukee sawzall blade

Cut or snap the blade off at the end so you can get the holder apart. I have had to do this before. Usually you can just use a set of pliers and work the blade back and forth until it snaps off but I just use an air powered cut-off tool and cut them.
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