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Blade type what are the uses of differant blades?

Posted by zizi tripo on Aug 27, 2008

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Blade type what are the uses of differant blades?

Blades are available for different applications. A few common blades include:Steel Blades are inexpensive and work well for cutting softwood. Steel blades dull quickly in hardwood. High-Speed Steel Blades are harder than steel blades and stay sharp longer. Carbide-Tipped Blades are more expensive than other blades, but they stay sharp much longer than steel or high-speed steel.
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Having problems with using the blade tilt handwheel. First of all it is not easy to turn whent the blade is close to 0 and between 30 to 45. As the wheel is pulling the blade toward 45, the rod pulls the wheel to make contact with the side of the housing and starts to file it down. There does not seem to be any way to keep the wheel in one place. When it is pusing the blade to 0 it extends away from the housing and when its pulling the blade to 45 it moves inward and makes contact. Could it be just a lubrication issue?
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I am borrowing my brothers Craftsman model 137.218240 table saw. Unfortunately, it has a on/off switch problem (I believe). Yesterday, I was able to use it all day although, at first, I had difficulty getting it to turn "on". After about a dozen attempts (with no noise coming from the "on" switch activation) I called my brother who verified that the saw had this problem the last time he used it. He suggested I keep trying and I did and several activations later I heard a "thunk" noise twice (kind of like a locked rotor type sound), then finally it turned on a few trys later and all was well yesterday, just cross cutting some thin laminate flooring. However, this morning, same problem! However, after getting it going for two small cuts, I now cannot get it going, I just get the occasional "thunk" or momentary blade spinning! My questions are as follows: 1. Can I get inside this saw to see whether I can either repair, replace or bypass this switch myself. 2. Are you familiar with this type of problem and know of a solution? Manufacturer defect? By the way, the saw is not under warranty and Sear's service center is way too far away for me. also, this problem exists regardless whether I'm using an extension cord or not so I know it's not a low-voltage issue. Thanks in advance, Wayne

You can chec wiring or switch with an ohmmeter to determine if it is bad. You should be able to remove a few screws to access the inside of the saw fairly easily. You can easily by-pass the switch by twisting the wires together. Though it will have to be untwisted to shut off again. You could just unplug it. There isn't much to these.
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Blade on saw not in line with table - Jet 708100 Jwts 10 1 1/2HP Workshop Table Saw

The blade may be curved and need replacement check with a level and see first
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How do you align the motor on an older (JET) JWTS-10 Table Saw. The manual does not go into it and I have looked inside the saw and can't find any way to align. The rear edge of the blade is out of alignment by about a 32nd of an inch. The blade is flat and I see no wobble.

Remove the drive belt, loosen the motor base bolts on the motor and put a straight edge on the outside edge motor pully rotate the motor till the straight edge lines up with the outside edge of the saw blade pully then retighten the motor base bolts and replace the drive belt.
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Can't Get Blade Off

Without a model number I cant look at a breakdown but if it is like the table saws that I work on I would assume that you removed the center plate to get to the hex nut and spindle, if so what I have to sometimes is put my wrench on the spindle and brace it against the saw frame and using a soft mallet tap on the hex wrench to loosen the nut. After this initial blade change the hex nut has to be tight but not to the point of breaking wrenches. If this doesn't work get me the model number and I will dig deeper to try and help
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I have a 20 year old Craftsman 10" Table saw that hasn't been used in about 15 years. It does work but when I raise or lower the blade the blade, that is attached to the motor with a belt, the motor doesn,t follow and the belt will be too loose or too tight. The belt that is on the saw seems to be an auto type belt. What is wrong? Joe Forte

Check if the motor is not supposed to hinge and follow the table. Often the weight of the motor is used to apply the tension to the belt and your hinge points may have rusted and siezed up. Try some penetrant spray on the motor mounts and move it around to see if it will drop and tension the belt.
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Wadkin Bursgreen Blade Knife

I don't know if they can help you out, but I see that there's a British company that sells a lot of used woodworking machinery, has some manuals available, and might just be willing to take a couple of digital photos and email them to you, considering the fact you're in a school. I figure it's worth a shot! I hope this proves to be of some help. If not, well, good luck!
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