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Bosh 4000 table saw , using dado blades.

When useing dado blades, the hight of the blades start to drop when the saw is running. The results is a poor dado cut, had to use a bunge cord on the turning adjustment to keep it from turning and the blades droping. A solution would be appreciated.

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Bosch TS1007 Dado Insert - Table Saw Accessories ... For use Bosch 4000 table saw with stack dado and rabbet cutters ... I don't particularly like using a dado blade.

Bosch 4100 Series Dado Cutter Insert for Table Saw-TS1007 ...

The Bosch 4100 Series Dado Cutter Insert for Table Saw is ... Includes 1 insert; blade and saw not included. Dado insert for use ... For use on bosch table saw 4000 ...
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Table Saw Attachments | Bosch Power ... For use on Bosch table saw models 4000, 4100; Learn ... 10 In. fine finish and construction-grade blades and stacked dado blades;
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TS1007 | Dado Insert for Table Saw | Bosch Power Tools

Dado Insert for Table Saw ... The TS1007 is for use with Bosch 4000 and 4100 table ... It includes washer for proper position of dado components on armature blade ...
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Bosch 4000 & 4100 Series Table Saw Zero-Clearance Dado Insert ...

Bosch 4000 & 4100 Series Table Saw Zero ... Bosch 4000 & 4100 Series Table Saw Zero-Clearance Blade Insert ... 4.6 out of 5 stars 90. $36.95 Prime. Bosch TS1007 Dado ...

Bosch 4000 & 4100 Series Table Saw Zero-Clearance Blade ...

Bosch 4000 & 4100 Series Table Saw Zero ... Fits Bosch 4100/4000 series jobsite table saws 13-9/16" x ... I am planing to buy another one to use with my dado blade.
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6" or 8" stacked dado set for Bosch 4100 - by crazybrit ...

6" or 8" stacked dado set for Bosch 4100 ... I use a bosch 4100 table saw and 8” dado stack. ... whether I was using a dado or a standard blade.
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Dado blades on a Bosch table saw - Woodworking Talk ...

I have a Bosch table saw (contractor type with collapsable wheeled stand) and was wondering the chances of fitting a dado blade(s) on. I guess a full dado set would ...
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Bosch 4000 (0601476139) Table Saw Parts - eReplacement Parts

Can't lock blade height / blade angle .. 4%. ... Bosch 4000 (0601476139) Table Saw Parts. Page A. ... Table Saw Dado Cutter Insert
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Bosh 4000 table saw , using dado blades.

No good solution for that problem. dado blades vibrate and cause the knob to turn. possibly a clamp on the knob to keep it in place. tom
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My saw problem has to do with changeing the blade. I'm useing a thin kirf blade. When I change the blade I have to put a wrench on the arbor next to the pulley to keep the arbor shaft from turning when I loosen the nut to remove the blade. I try to put a block of wood in the teeth of the blade to hold it while loosening the arbor nut with the wrench. The arbor nut turns with the arbor shaft and the blade doesn't move. I've used this blade for a few years without a problem. When I use my dadoe stack it does the same thing. The arbor shaft turns with the arbor nut when trying to loosen the nut to remove the stack. Any suggestions on what to do or whats happening?

The nut is binding on the arbor because the threads are buggered up or clogged with something. It could be the nut (which is probably brass and soft) or the arbor (which is steel). If it got a little cross threaded, the damage will be on the nut. It might be the arbor if the arbor took a whack. Once you have it apart you should be able to see it - although the damage might be pretty small. You aren't likely to have a tap and die to run through the threads, but you can probably fix it with a little rotary tool (like a dremel) using a small disc. If it is the arbor you can use a triangular file. Or you can buy a new nut. I hope this helps.
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Cuts not square-bevel adjustment

Here's something to try. Get a dial indicator or a drop indicator to measure the blade wobble. Clamp the indicator to your miter gage or use a magnetic base or whatever. Position the indicator so that it contacts the side of the blade as near the outside diameter as possible, then rotate the blade by hand. If there is any warp to the blade, or bend in the arbor, or something out of square where the blade mounts on the arbor, this will pick it up. If that is all good, maybe you have a couple of teeth that were miss-sharpened and are sticking out to the side more than they should (causing a virtual wobble at the tooth end). You could position the indicator on the side of a tooth, then slowly rotate the blade backwards looking for the max reading on each tooth. You should repeat this on the other side of the blade too. Total wobble should only be a few thousandths. Good luck!
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Having problems with using the blade tilt handwheel. First of all it is not easy to turn whent the blade is close to 0 and between 30 to 45. As the wheel is pulling the blade toward 45, the rod pulls the wheel to make contact with the side of the housing and starts to file it down. There does not seem to be any way to keep the wheel in one place. When it is pusing the blade to 0 it extends away from the housing and when its pulling the blade to 45 it moves inward and makes contact. Could it be just a lubrication issue?
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What kind of dado blade can I use on my craftsman 10 inch table saw model no. 137.248100/ with stand

You have a 5/8" diameter arbor. You can use any dado blade that will fit. That said here's a few things to bear in mind.8" diameter dado stacks are pretty standard for 10" contractor table saws. A dado stack is typically about 13/16" wide at most. It makes sense that the wider your blade is, the more power it takes to cut through the wood. If you were to use the full width capacity of your Dado stack (13/16") a 10" diameter stack would bog down. A 8" stack has a faster rotation at the cutting edge because of its smaller radius. So, you don't bog down when you're making a wider cut if you use a smaller diameter.If your machine was really underpowered, you could go down to a 6" stack which would cut your power requirements even more, but limits the depth of cut.If this post was helpful, please vote. Thanks.
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I purchased the Bosch saw blade on Ebay

If the arbors the same and you're running with in the RPM rating, it will be fine. But ALWAYS wear your safety glasses.
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My Powermatic Model 64A table saw is 10 years old and has been lightly used as a hobby. It's powered to run on 230 volts. Beginning two weeks ago, the motor has begun to shut down during use. Sometimes it will re-start and work fine for an entire day and other times it will not re-start at all. Must dust collector runs on the same electrical circuit without problem. The table saw problem occurs with and without the dust collector drawing power. Tim in Knoxville Does this sound like a bad switch, lose electrical connection or a motor problem? Or, could it be something really simple that I'm overlooking?

Does wiggling the cord cause the problem?
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