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The electric keeps tripping in my house, why is this?

We own a property that we rent out. The teneant rings us constantly to tell us that the electric keeps tripping out. We have paid an electrician to go down and check out the proprty, they cannot fing anything wrong. Why is this happening and how can we solve it?

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The electric keeps tripping in my house, why is this?

It is something that is being pluged in or a short in 1 of the plugs on that circut
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Why does my dw831 grinder keep tripping circuit breakers?

Try checking the brushes. to do this: remove the 2 small covers on the left and right side of the tool and push aside the coil spring holding in the brush. the brush should freely pull out of the holder. when you have the covers off, look for charring or melting. and after the brushes are out, rotate the arbor to move the armature inside and look to make sure it's not charred. if that doesnt help, take apart the handle and look for melted or exposed wire. dewalt likes to pack the wires in tight among the screws and sometimes the normal vibration of the tool will cause a screw to cut into a wire and short the wire. new brushes and holders (if melted) are usually around 20 dollars US
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Everytime i plug something in my main electrics keep tripping the main rcd swich it can be anything from my iorn/washing machine etc my tv/fishtank and computer are all fine i have tryed different plugs but it still happens

Possible bad receptacle shorts out when something plugged in
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Here is an interesting one. Every now and again we get a momentary loss of power to 3 different lines in our house (all downstairs). Lately the power outage has lasted longer. When I go out to the panel all the breakers are set. Even when I trip them and reset the power stays out. A couple day ago it happened while preparing dinner and my wife says, "Is the oven working. The oven clock was lit so it appeared to be working but when I spun the dial on the oven temp control the power came back to the lines that were down (oven on it's own breaker). Now, whenever we lose the power we turn the dial and get the power back. Three separate circuit breakers are affected by this situation. They are not close to each other on the main panel. More info: Once when the power was out I got a volt meter and checked the power going INTO the breakers. Every breaker was set and power from the street to the breakers was normal. But still out in the house. We did have a ton of rain two weeks ago so maybe there is some residual moisture.

Moisture outside has nothing to do with this. You either have power to the service panel or you don't. There are a few things that can cause these type problems. My first guess would be the problem is right there in the service panel. First turn the main OFF. Then remove the breakers that are being effected, one at a time, and look carefully at the connection on the back where they plug into the main service bar. A loose or burnt connection here will cause exactly what you are experiencing. A breaker that has any indication of it overheating should be replaced. If the main bar is burnt it must be cleaned. If you see any indication that water has entered the service panel then you may very well need to have the service panel replaced if the damage is severe. Another possibility is that you have a junction box somewhere in the attic with some loose wiring. This can be very dangerous as the wiring will overheat from arcing. Move the stove out from the wall and take the stove outlet apart and inspect it to make sure there is no loose wiring in there. As the stove has some effect on this it is highly suspect. I highly recommend you call a licensed electrician to diagnose this problem if you cannot find the problem yourself. This can be a very dangerous situation that may burn your home down. It is simply not worth taking any chances even if you have to spend a few hundred dollars to solve this mystery. Have this fixed ASAP.
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How do you get the field out of the housing of a makita angle grinder without damaging it?

Buy the new housing and you will see how it is put together, my grinder I just take out the screws and pull it apart, nice and easy,.
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Electricity trip whenever i on my makita grinder

Check what's shorting to ground. remove the brushes and use a meter to "ring" out the motor circuit. maybe somebody sliced through the cord.
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How do you change the grinder disk. I have the tool with the two pronges that slide into the nut but the wheel keeps spinning. There must be a trick?

On the top of the grinder there should be a button. hold that in while turning the disk (please have the grinder unplugged while you do this).The button wil drop further in when it finds the notch in the gear. This will lock the spindle, allowing you to remove the retaining nut.
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Need help with my angle grinder. It quit working and the switch was bad . I replaced it . Not sure on where all the wires go. I have blk to blk and wht to wht. The wire coming from the electronic pack ( blk wire is on the switch with the other blk wire coming threw the switch from power. a red light flashes on the electronic pack when I trip the switch. It will not run or try to run. Is the electronic pack bad??? Do you have an electrical drawing and what do you think is wrong with it. Help. Michael Anderson

No its the brushes it was never the switch its runs at 9000 rpms the brushes ware out fast but this is a good tool save it
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Bosch angle grinder acts like its burnt out but motor resistance values suggest not

Hi Brian, running your angle grinder on reduced voltage (through overloading the petrol generator) will have caused the current in the grinder to be higher than it should be. This may not be what you expect, but it is a characteristic of rotating machines, they behave differently to resistive machines such as heating elements. You have not indicated how you come to the conclusion that the windings test OK. If you have just checked with an ohm-meter and see a continuity reading, this does not eliminate the possibility that the overheating resulting from over-current has broken down the insulation (evidenced by the smell and sparks) and you have short circuited windings. The grinder will run without a suppression capacitor, it is just there to minimise interference with you neighbour's (or your wife/girlfriend/daughter's :) ) radio. Replacing the capacitor will not restore your grinder, I reckon you have killed it, in spite of the fact that running it on a healthy supply was to quickest way to cool it effectively.
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