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Tire keeps rolling off

16'' jet, almost new tires top and bottom, new 1/2'' blade after about 15 sec the tire shifts ans takes the blade with it. seems to be in line tried using a bit of rubber cement to hold tire

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Tire blew off rim with Stans??-

I think the riders you spoke to were referring to the tire 'rolling' off the rim from hard cornering, i.e. the lateral force acting on the tire is great enough to ...
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Tire “rolling off” the rim? I had a little scary moment at the local crit yesterday, when my rear tire “exploded” in the middle of a corner.
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Tire keeps rolling off

I'd say you have the wrong size tires, or at least defective or poor quality ones. They should be pretty tricky to get onto the wheels, requiring some leverage as you work them on, but they should be a very tight fit which will prevent them from moving. Sounds like the tires are too lose to me.
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Will not cut in a staight line - Jet JWBS-16B 708749B 16-inch Bandsaw

Is blade being guided? Use a straight edge to guide the material being cut.
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Tire comes off wheel - Jet 710115K Jwbs 14CS Deluxe 14 Inch 1 1/4 Horsepower Woodworking Bandsaw With Micro Adjustable Blade Guides, 115/230 Volt 1 Phase

Are you using new tires? Urethane or rubber? Make sure the adjustment are correct or probably you need to replace the tires. I am using ulta blue urethane tires because it lasts longer and it doesn't need gluing. Urethanes are more durablethan rubber. I got mine on .
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Hi i have a craftman bench 10 inch bandsaw that has blade drif

The problem could be one of two things. The tires could be worn or glazed with rosin. Try cleaning the tires with mineral spirits to remove the build-up. The other possibility is that the pulleys are out of alignment. To check this, put a straight edge across the face of the lower pulley and see if squares with the upper pulley, if it doesn't, loosen the set screw on the upper pulley and adjust accordingly
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My 16 inch Band saw briefly bogged on a log resaw project. I think it may have tripped the fuse. What is the recommended fix for the fuse or switch?

No fuse for the motor has an overload protected circuit and resets itself usually within minutes. Your home circuit breaker or fuse in the electrical box needs to be checked.
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I cannot get the blade to track correctly on my JET 12" band saw. What could be wrong? I have done exactly what the manual says to do. I am not sure the square box on the outside is fitting. The little arm that shifts the wheel does not look like it should just push against the side of the body. Should it not be just above the opening to be able to tilt the wheel properly?

I love bandsaws, they are one of best and most universal woodworking machines, used as well in food and metal, what you should know about bandsaw that it have several points of regulations and all of them must be adjusted correctly. basic "anatomy" of bandsaw is that it have body, in it there is driving wheel (bottom) and tension wheel (top), both of these are protected by rubber "tyre" usually crowned, that allow for bette adjustment and protect teeth on the band. start with tension, open covers, retract top (above the table) and bottom (below the table) guides so blade is not touching the rear bearing or side slides.1. rotate top wheel and see where blade is wandering, regulate tension and tilt on the wheel till band position itself on the centre of the top wheel and cuttin edge is off the wheel or rubber and do not touch the wheel or raiser.2. cut strip of paper and slide top guide towards the blade till bearing touch blade through the paper (paper thickness is about correct distance of bearing to the blade), allowing paper to be slided out without tension. lock it in.3. insert paper on internal side of the blade and slide internal slide guide block till you can only pull the paper out, lock the slider.4. repeat previous operation on external guide block and after you slide paper out, lock it in position.5. manually rotate the tension wheel, should operate freely, without wandering6. repeat step 2 to 5 on the bottom guide7. close the covers8. adjust hight of the guide suitable to cut , allowing about 2 finger breaths above the cut piece.9. switch on the bandsaw and switch off, after it stop, check for tension, switch on and make test cut.this general rule applies to all bandsaw, regardless of brand, make, vintage. do remember that this is not a toy, it will cut through, wood, metal and your remember, that these operations must be performed every time when you change the blade, to not forget to use bit of silicone or teflon spray if you cut very sappy or green wood, do not press and force, use protection screen and googles, you have only two eyes and there are no spares...
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I have a new JET JWBS-10OS. I bought it rather than a scroll saw because it is more versatile, but I do need it for scroll work. I purchased a 1/8 inch blade and had trouble with the installation. The JET tech. I talked to said the problem was inferior tires. After several weeks delay I received two new tires and installed them. I still cannot get the 1/8 inch blade to track. After much time centering it on the new tires, and carefull adjusting the tracking knob, it continues to wander back and forth across the tire and ultimately comes off. Also, the bearing guides do not have sufficient adjustment to accomodate the 1/8 inch blade. Is this saw really designed and built to work with a 1/8 inch blade?

Hi,I'm not a Jet tech, just a bandsaw owner.First, when you are adjusting the tracking knob, are you turning the wheel by hand for several revolutions to be sure which way it is running before making another adjustment? After tweaking it, you should turn it a bit to let it settle in. Also, be sure to tighten the adjustment knob down before turning it on. The bearing guides have more adjustment places than just the finger adjusters. On mine, a Steel City, I can move the entire guide holders back and forth, and can also move the entire guide set up back and forth. The guides are there to keep your blade from having too much movement while cutting. They are not supposed to actually touch the blade though. I adjust mine with a dollar bill between the guide and blade. If you have one guide that isn't exactly perfect, don't worry about it. The blade guard will also keep the blade from wandering.I've never used my bandsaw for scrolling work, so am not familiar with the 1/8 inch blade. Should work if you can get your tire adjusted correctly.Good luck.I hope this helps. If it does, I'd appreciate a vote or comment. Thanks,Handie Andie
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Jet model jwbs-14cs bandsaw purchased used, need manual

Http:// Scroll down and click the "Manuals" tab. Your free PDF awaits...
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Upper wheel keeps touching case - Jet 708115K / JWBS - 14CS 14'' Bandsaw with Enclosed Stand

Adjust the upper wheel. Refer to your manual for procedures.
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